Glenn Diggdon
Managing Funeral Director

Glenn is originally from Isle Madame, Cape Breton. He has been a permanent resident of West Pubnico for 25 years. He is a highly respected funeral director who is well known in the Pubnico and Argyle areas. His compassion derives from his experience of being in the funeral profession for the past 30 years. This enables him to meet your needs and requirements in the most solemn of times.

Jeanette Diggdon
Funeral Director

Jeanette is born and raised in West Pubnico. She is also the spouse of Glenn. She shares his compassion for her work and her dedication to the requirements and needs of the bereaved in her surrounding communities. Her professionalism and empathy serve her well in her chosen profession.

Brian Roberts, Funeral Director Assistant, is a life long resident of the Glenwood area. He joined our staff several years and ago and has proven himself to be a great asset to our team and the families we serve.

Both Glenn and Jeanette are members of The Funeral Service of Nova Scotia.